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An in-restaurant entertainment network based on “purpose built” programming focused on what a McDonalds customer is most passionate about…Sports,
Lifestyle, Entertainment and Music. Our HDTV, web and mobile “triple threat” communication strategy surrounds the customer and assists advertisers in effectively communicating their brand message to a
captive, highly engaged audience...


McDonald’s the company:

• McDonald’s operates more than 31,000 restaurants in 181 countries

• Worldwide, 58 million people are served each day,
1.75 billion served each month

• McDonald’s share of the QSR category is larger than
all its competitors combined

McDonald’s the channel:

• In the US, over 11,000 restaurants are planned for roll-out of
the McDonald’s Channel

• At scale, 216 million dine-in customers per month will have access to
viewing the Channel in the U.S.